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Shenyang Yate Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd


Shenyang Yate has three subordinate companies, namely, Shenyang Yate Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Shenyang Yate Foundry Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Shenyang Yate Foundry Research Institute. Founded in 1996, Shenyang Yate is a high-tech enterprise and a first-class measurement unit in Shenyang. It has excellent equipment, advanced technology and the right to engage in foreign trade. It is mainly committed to the engineering design, equipment manufacturing and development of hydraulic and automation (instrument) systems of centrifugal ductile iron pipe production line equipment, centrifugal stainless steel (heat-resistant steel) pipe, large diameter centrifugal copper sleeve, differential pressure casting, EPC equipment, metallurgy, mining, electric power, etc.

Shenyang Yate Heavy Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. currently has 360 employees, strong technical force, complete professionals, and more than 70 professionals. Among them, there are 18 senior engineers, 35 engineers, and a skilled production, assembly, commissioning, maintenance and after-sales service team.

The production plant has elegant environment, advanced process flow and convenient transportation. Workshop area: 16000 square meters, main equipment includes: 5m CNC heavy vertical lathe, 10000 × four thousand × 3200mm floor CNC milling and boring machine, 3400 × 12000 mm digital display gantry planer, 6000 × 1400mm CNC cutting, 60 × 2500mm digital display plate rolling machine, C61160 × 160/32 heavy horizontal lathe, CW61200 × 160/32 heavy horizontal lathe, CW61100D/6M horizontal car, CW61190L/7M horizontal car, CW61190L/8M horizontal car, C61250 × 16/40 heavy horizontal lathe, C61200 × There are more than 100 sets of 16/40 heavy horizontal lathe, 500T four column hydraulic press and other equipment, with strong comprehensive processing capacity.
Since 1996, our company has designed and manufactured hundreds of sets of complete sets of equipment of various specifications for domestic and foreign enterprises such as casting pipe, metallurgy, mining and electric power. The water-cooled metal mold centrifugal pipe casting machine, hot mold centrifugal pipe casting machine, horizontal continuous annealing furnace, zinc spraying machine, hydraulic testing machine, cement lining machine, pipe mold maintenance equipment, asphalt spraying machine, etc. produced by our company are sold to dozens of manufacturers at home and abroad, including DN100-2200 × 6000 mm hot mold centrifuge, DN800-1200 × 6000 mm water-cooled metal type centrifugal pipe casting machine, and DN100-400, DN400-800, DN800-1200 water-cooled metal type centrifugal pipe casting machine has obtained several national patents. In addition, in terms of mining equipment, cement equipment and power station equipment, the enterprise has successively introduced technology from internationally renowned manufacturers in recent years. Its products are sold to most provinces (regions) and cities, and some equipment is exported to Southeast Asia and Europe.
In 2007, we provided a complete set of DN80-800 ductile iron pipe production line equipment for Kubota in Japan and TATA in India. Through this cooperation with Kubota, Japan, our production technology and enterprise management have been further improved.
The company passed the GB/T19001:2000 standard quality management system certification in 2001, and started to operate the three integration quality, environment, occupational health and safety system certification in 2005.
The enterprise has a strong scientific research, design and production capacity, and a dedicated sales team for users. It is willing to provide you with all kinds of equipment and accessories you need, and can undertake product installation, debugging, personnel training and other related services. Mr. Sun Wei, the general manager of our company, and all the employees made a commitment to friends from all walks of life: our company abides by the contract, abides by the reputation, and guarantees the quality.