The production technology of my country's building materials machinery industry is close to the world level

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1. Reform and opening up has brought the industry into an unprecedented period of rapid development
In 2007, the total industrial output value of the whole industry was 21.746 billion yuan, the industrial added value reached 6.530 billion yuan, and the export delivery value of products was 1.285 billion yuan. And 30 years ago, the total industrial output value of the whole industry in 1978 was only a few hundred million yuan, the industry production capacity was more than 30,000 tons, and nearly 90% of the building materials machinery industry relied on imports.
2. Reform and opening up have greatly improved the manufacturing capacity of the industry and the quality management level has gradually improved
In 1978, there were only more than 20 major building material machinery enterprises in the country, with 6 electric arc furnaces of 3-10 tons, with an annual output of 40,000 tons of molten steel; annual processing of more than 15,000 tons of accessories and more than 30,000 tons of professional equipment. At present, the building materials machinery industry has thousands of enterprises, among which the backbone enterprises (groups) have improved the processing and manufacturing processes through further technological transformations, and added a large number of high, precise and sophisticated large-scale processing equipment and testing methods. Such as CNC cutting machine, photoelectric tracking cutting machine, automatic welding equipment, large hobbing machine (maximum vertebra 14m), large cylinder lathe (maximum vertebra 12.5m), and corresponding lifting facilities, precision casting equipment, overall annealing furnace, etc. Improve the processing capacity and manufacturing level of the industry, and effectively improve the quality and technical performance of building materials machinery equipment products.
3. Reform and opening up have brought the industry's production technology level closer or equal to the world level
Before the reform and opening up, the production technology level of China's building materials machinery industry was roughly the same as the world level for nearly 40 years. The only more than 20 building materials machinery factories in the country were established on the basis of the mechanical maintenance workshops of cement factories and glass factories or the practice workshops of schools. Yes, it can only produce some simple building materials equipment and accessories, and the production line equipment needed by the building materials industry mainly depends on imports. At present, the technical content of my country's building materials machinery equipment has been greatly improved, and some new technologies and new products have reached or approached the world's advanced level. Domestic and foreign users have increased their recognition of domestic building materials machinery products, and the building materials machinery industry has provided strong support for the construction of the building materials industry, mainly in the following aspects.