Reliability Data Collection and Database Establishment of CNC Lathe

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1 Introduction
CNC machine tools are the basic equipment of modern manufacturing technology, and their technical level is an important indicator of the level of industrial modernization in a country. The reliability of CNC machine tools is the key to the quality of machine tools. At present, the reliability of domestic CNC machine tools is obviously lower than that of foreign countries, which seriously affects the competitiveness of domestic CNC machine tools. Improving the reliability of domestic CNC machine tools has become a top priority.
Reliability analysis is based on a large amount of field data. With the help of planned and purposeful collection of data at each stage of the product life cycle, analysis is performed to find the weak links of product reliability, improve the design, and improve product quality, so it is reliable The collection and analysis of performance data play an important role in reliability engineering. However, this aspect is a weak link in domestic reliability research. During the period from July 1, 1996 to December 31, 1996, we collected the reliability data of 42 CNC lathes from the Changchun Gear Factory of FAW Group, and initially established the reliability database of CNC lathes. Take this as an example to illustrate the method of collecting reliability data of CNC machine tools and the method of establishing database.
2 Determination of reliability test plan
Reliability test is one of the main methods to obtain reliability data, and it is the basis for reliability design and analysis. In the past 30 years, reliability test methods have made great progress. Reliability testing is time-consuming and expensive. For CNC lathes, the main consideration is the test site and test samples.
According to the test site, the reliability test is divided into field test and laboratory test. Due to the complex structure of CNC lathes, there are many uncertain factors in the conditions of use, so the actual reliability can be collected by selecting the field test method. Data reliability is a key issue in field tests. A complete collection plan must be formulated in advance, and the data should be processed afterwards to eliminate unreasonable factors.
Reliability tests can be divided into two types: full test and sampling test according to sample size. It is impossible to carry out all tests for batch products such as CNC lathes, and only the test method of sampling and timing truncation can be used. In order to make the collected data representative and convenient for data collection, when selecting test samples, as many CNC lathes as possible should be selected as sampling samples, and the selected equipment should be relatively concentrated. Therefore, this article chose the FAW Group Changchun Gear Factory, which uses a large amount of CNC lathes and has relatively concentrated equipment, as the test base, and took its 42 CNC lathes as samples for a half-year follow-up investigation.