About maintenance of bucket teeth of heavy machinery

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During the use of the excavator, the unsmooth use and the use cycle are directly related to your work efficiency, and the bucket teeth are particularly important as the forwards that directly contact the terrain. So why does the problem of serious wear of the bucket teeth occur? How to solve it?
Each working surface of the bucket tooth is in contact with the excavated object during excavation. The force is different in different working stages of the excavation process. When the bucket tooth repeatedly contacts hard objects and cuts, the working surface of the bucket tooth is different. A degree of surface wear, which in turn produces deep furrows, causes the bucket teeth to be scrapped. Therefore, the quality of the wear-resistant layer on the surface of the bucket tooth and its quality directly affect the service life of the bucket tooth.
Recommendations for tooth maintenance
1. Choosing the right bucket teeth is an important factor for prolonging the working life of your excavator and stronger penetration, because the matched bucket teeth and their accessories are the prerequisite for faster excavator working cycle and saving raw materials.
2. During the use of the bucket teeth of the excavator, the outermost tooth of the bucket is 30% faster than the innermost wearing part. Therefore, after a period of time, the inside and outside of the bucket can be changed or rotated to a certain extent. To ease and provide productivity.
3. When operating the excavator, it is best to dig under the bucket teeth perpendicular to the working surface to avoid breaking the bucket teeth due to excessive inclination.
4. Coating tungsten coating on bucket teeth and other accessories can effectively reduce maintenance costs and improve machine efficiency.
In addition to maintenance, the quality and material of the teeth themselves should be more concerned.