The moistening machine is the main equipment in the pelletizing process. It processes materials with a water content of 8%-13%, so that the materials are fully mixed and refined, and the surface area of the material particles is increased. The use of a moistening mill can shorten the pellet production process, save equipment energy consumption, and improve the quality of pellets and metal recovery rate, improve labor conditions and environmental protection conditions, etc., so it is quickly promoted in the pellet process. The working principle is that when the surrounding large gear drives the cylinder to rotate, the material is impacted by the steel ball of the grinding medium, and the grinding between the ball and the ball and the cylinder liner fully exposes the fresh surface. It is fully mixed, and finally discharged from the mill through the discharge hole to enter the next process. This machine can effectively reduce the added amount of bentonite and increase the green strength.

Based on the ball mill, the wet mill has three main features: forced feeding, peripheral discharge, and rubber liner.

Serial number Project Unit Value Value Value
1 Specification    MQR2745 MQR3254 MQR3562
2 Drawing number    k2130 k2128 k2129
3 Inner diameter of cylinder mm 2700 3200 3500
4 Working length of cylinder mm 4500 5400 6200
5 Effective capacity of cylinder m3 23.5 39.5 55.6
6 Maximum load Materials t 3.8 6 8.7
Steel ball t 27.30 44 64
7 Working speed of cylinder r/min 17.86 16.5 15.47
8 Main motor Model   YR4503-8 YR5003-8 YTM5602-6
Power kW 400 630 1000
Number of revolutions r/min 735 740 993
Voltage v 6000 6000 6000
9 Main decelerator Model   ZD-70 SZD-80 SZD-80A
Speed ratio i 4.5 4.96 6.74
Enter the number of revolutions r/min 735 740 993
10 Slow drive Motor parameters    YI60M2-8
Reducer model    NGW103-8 NGW123-10 NGW123-7
Speed ratio i 400 500 355
Output revolution r/min 1.8 1.94 2.056
11 Screw conveyor Motor model Y series machine dedicated motor
Power kW 11 18.5 18.5
Voltage v 380 380 380
Number of revolutions r/min 1500 1000 1000
Reducer model   XWD-9-59V XWD18.5-9-43V XWD18.5-9-43V
Output revolution r/min 25.4 23.25 23.25
Speed ratio i 59 43 43
12 Machine size mm Specific 13400×7250×5700 15473×7707×6280
13 Machine weight (excluding main motor and electric control) t 65 122 133
14 Yield t/h 30 50 70


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